Terms and Conditions

A) TERMS AND CONDITIONS The following "Terms and Conditions" of use, navigation and purchase of products Akainik® (hereinafter the "Products") in and through the site www.akainik.com. Detailed "(hereinafter" Site ") by users and / or customers (hereinafter" Customer "or" Customers ").

1) Acceptance: The mere use of the Site by the Customer as well as the purchase of any Products, implies full knowledge and acceptance (without reservations) by the Customer to the Terms and Conditions.

2) Modification: MARCA® reserves the right to modify unilaterally and without notice, these Terms and Conditions.

3) Exclusion of Liability:
3.1) Akainik® reserves the right to suspend and / or modify, totally and / or partially, permanent and / or temporary way, the operation of the Site and its services without notice.
3.2) Unless unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, Akainik® agree to comply with the benefits of compliance are pending when the suspension of operation of the Site.
3.3) For terms and conditions of use Akainik® go to this page.

4) Responsibility for damages:
4.1) Akainik® not guarantee that the website is virus-free and / or any other third-party software, which could damage temporarily and / or permanently computer, software and / or hardware of the Customer or third parties related to this.
4.2) The customer must have security tools (eg. Antivirus) necessary to prevent possible damage to your property.

Personal 5) Data: 5.1) Akainik® reports that its activity is not understood by the application of Law 25.326 on Protection of Personal Data. 5.2) All records with information from the customer, are made and stored for the sole purpose of concluding the sale of products and security of its Customers. 5.3) Akainik® not supply the information provided by clients to third parties, unless a legal and / or justice so requires.

6) Registration: Akainik® reserves the right to request to Customers, who register on the Website for the purpose of operations of purchasing products.

7) Customer Obligations:
The Customer undertakes to: (a) Use the Site normal and responsible manner, according to the customs of navigation. (B) not use the Site in order to harm: (i) Akainik®, property rights, and / or operation of the Site itself; (Ii) other customers; and / or (iii) another general. (C) Refrain from using the site as a means of breaking the law and / or acts of any nature pursuant to which damage whatsoever arising out of any kind to third parties. (D) Provide all information that is required to make an operation possible purchase of products, in a truthful and complete.

8) Customer Default:
In the event of default by the Customer to any of the obligations referred to in these "Terms and Conditions", Akainik® reserves the right, at its sole option and discretion, to: (i) annul the Product purchase transaction; and / or (ii) prohibit the use of the Customer Site; and / or (iii) report to the relevant authorities any violation of laws; and / or (iv) initiate legal action it deems appropriate, in case of damage to property Akainik®.

9) Purchase of Products. Price. Means of Payment. Delivery:

9.1) Akainik® reserves the right to determine, adjust and / or modify the prices of products without prior notice. The cost of shipping the product is charged to the client. All prices include Value Added Tax.
9.2) The means of payment are enabled site Akainik®. It may enter cash payment transactions by bank transfer customer's request but subject to acceptance and availability of Akainik®. A reservation and / or delivery of the Product until full payment thereof will be made with credit.
9.3) Akainik® informs customers that the product selected for purchase, may not be in Stock; for this reason, any purchase made and processed in the Site is subject to actual product availability.
9.4) In the event that any finalized the purchase of a product which would not be available in Stock, Akainik® be notified to that effect with the client, who can choose one of the following: (i) Continue awaiting delivery product, unless it is any discontinued; or (ii) cancel the purchase and request a refund of the price paid. Such reimbursement will take place in the middle of the original payment, unless a different medium Akainik® advice; Any refund should be made into an account whose holder is the Customer, unless authorized by the Customer; or (iii) Choosing an alternative product of similar characteristics and the same value; if the customer opts for one of best features, you must pay the difference in value. The customer must use either option, within fifteen (15) days of the communication from Akainik®. If silence Akainik® may choose to cancel the purchase and make the refund of the price paid.
9.5) Akainik®, will ship Products, at home and abroad, through outsourced companies first class mail. Once cleared the product for Akainik®, shipping time and actual delivery will depend on the company mail. Akainik® agrees to track the shipment, at the express request of the Customer. The Customer is responsible for delays and / or increased costs that THEY MAY result in for his failure and / or misstated information concerning the delivery address at the time of purchase.

10) Consumer Information:
10.1) Repentance Law: In the case of online sales Customer is entitled to rescind the purchase for a period of ten calendar days from the date the product is delivered. To reverse the operation, the product must be in the same condition as it was delivered, properly packed and unused and / or damage of any kind. Akainik®: (i) restore the price paid by you, if any, and (ii) bear the cost of return.
10.2) Warranty: All products have Akainik® legal guarantee of six months from delivery. The mere presentation of the product in question and its respective certificate with the date of purchase, shall be sufficient proof of the validity of the warranty. Akainik® have a period of up to sixty days to answer the claim and repair the Product, if any. Any eventuality, contact: ventas@akainik.com or (011) 4441-7528
10.3) All Products Akainik® have their labels with the specifications of use, care and cleaning. 10.4) All rights reserved. Title: Akainik is a trademark of Fernando Rodrigo Hernandez ® © 2012 brand is a registered trademark. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Title: Fernando Hernandez, CUIT: 20-30603702-2 Thames 3638, 1754, San Justo.

11) Cookies:
The Site may use a tracking system using cookies so that the customer can navigate the site faster. Cookies are files that are stored on the client computer, occupying a smaller space; they can be limited and / or restricted by the Client.

12) Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
These "Terms and Conditions" are governed as to its implementation and enforcement by the laws of Argentina.


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